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Millionaire Morning Routine: 8 Steps to Jumpstart Your Productivity

Learn the steps to a successful millionaire morning routine to jumpstart your productivity and improve your outlook each day.

Jodi Monroe
Writer at Motion
Feb 13, 2024
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If you’re ready to boost your net worth, then it’s time to learn how the top 1% do mornings. One of the biggest factors in their success is their morning routine.

A millionaire morning routine levels up those early morning hours, ensuring the mind and body are ready to seize the day in a purposeful way.

With a few habits of the highly successful, you, too, will be ready to jump out of bed and set yourself up for a day filled with focus, high-value work, and meaningful productivity. So, get ready to shoot for the stars, you’re about to learn how to start your day the way of the millionaire.

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What is a millionaire morning routine?

A millionaire morning routine is built around habits that are typical of high performers. It’s a routine you can customize to your lifestyle to help you start your day feeling energized and ready to get work done — but also laser-focused on your goals.

The average person looks for a routine that helps them have a peaceful, stress-free start to their day. However, millionaires use their morning routine to focus on what matters and level up their productivity beyond with the typical person does.

The road to success requires you to maximize every minute, so the right morning routine will get you on the right track. And if you nail it, your confidence will soar.

Ultimately, the millionaire morning routine empowers you with a sense of control. Charles Duhigg, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Smarter, Faster, Better, says,

“When people believe they are in control, they tend to work harder and push themselves more.”

Why is a millionaire morning routine important?

A millionaire morning routine does more than just get your day started.

  • It helps set a positive tone for the day.

Robin Sharma, trusted leadership advisor and author of The 5AM Club, advises, “Take excellent care at the front end of your day, and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Own your morning. Elevate your life.”

  • It helps you establish consistent, positive habits to fuel your success.

James Clear, author of the worldwide bestseller Atomic Habits, suggests building identity-based habits. This means adjusting your beliefs through your habits. “Decide the type of person you want to be. Prove it to yourself with small wins.”

  • It increases your productivity.

The consistent steps you take matter. Hour-of-the-day consistency increases overall work productivity. In other words, your productivity booms when you concentrate on what matters during each block of time, particularly in the morning.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s shift to the factors that make the millionaire morning routine so powerful.

What should you include in your millionaire morning routine?

While the composition and order of their morning routines vary slightly, most millionaires regularly include the following components:

1. Jumpstart the day with an early wake-up call

Start by asking yourself if you’re getting up early enough. Most adults need at least 7 hours of sleep per night, so you may need to adjust your bedtime to start waking up earlier.

Average adult needs 7 hours sleep

Thirty-seven percent of CEOs are up by 6 AM — and with good reason.

The early morning hours have few distractions. While the rest of the world continues sleeping, you can start on your most important tasks.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is up by 3:45 AM. He reports spending about 45 minutes checking and responding to emails before working out at 4:30.

Dwayne Johnson is another early riser who prioritizes exercise. He makes it a point to hit the gym for his daily workout by 4 AM.

Pro tip: If you’re not a morning person, shift your wake-up time backward incrementally. For example, if you currently wake up at 7 AM but want to add two hours to your morning, change your alarm to 6:45. After a few days, bump the time back by another 15 minutes. Continue doing this until you reach your target.

2. Roll right into exercise

Here’s why it’s important to prioritize exercise:

Exercise boosts memory and thinking skills by increasing the growth and ensuring the proper maintenance of blood vessels in the brain. Studies show that the areas of the brain associated with critical thinking and memory expand with consistent exercise.

Working out first thing in the morning also includes benefits for those looking to boost their mood and productivity. It produces endorphins, leaving you with a positive outlook on your day, and improves your focus and alertness so that you’re ready to tackle your goals.

If you don’t want to jump into a high-energy workout first thing, you can still reap the benefits of exercise. Low to moderate-impact exercise in the morning has been shown to improve sleep quality and help get your blood flowing.

Different types of exercise

‎Pick a form of exercise that works for you. You might prefer simple stretching or yoga. Oprah Winfrey typically starts her day with a morning walk with her dogs.

Alternatively, lace up your shoes and hit the park or treadmill. Pull on your boxing gloves and work up a sweat on the punching bag.

Pro tip: Register for a class or find an exercise partner to hold you accountable for your early-morning physical activity.

3. Meditate or practice mindfulness

If you hold the common belief that meditation is a waste of time, consider the following:

Research shows that consistent meditation can reduce stress and improve mood. This will help you better tackle the demands of your day.

Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, meditates himself and has designated meditation rooms for his employees working in the office.

Jeff Weiner, the LinkedIn CEO, reportedly uses the Headspace app’s guided meditations.

Ariana Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global, regularly incorporates gratitude into her daily practice.

If meditation feels daunting, start with mindfulness. You’ll become more aware of your environment and how it impacts your thoughts and feelings.

Pro tip: Start your meditation routine with the help of an app. Use it multiple times throughout the day if you need to build up the habit. You can also keep yourself on track by setting a daily reminder for yourself to meditate with Motion.

4. Level up your nutrition

You’re probably already familiar with the many benefits of good nutrition. But did you know that positive breakfast habits can increase productivity?

Build a better breakfast by selecting the best foods for memory and cognition. For instance:

  • Blueberries contain antioxidants, which are important for quick brain cell communication.
  • Nuts are chock-full of healthy fats and vitamin E, both of which support brain health.
  • Oranges are loaded with vitamin C, which boosts attention and focus.
  • Eggs include choline, which is linked to improved mental function and memory.

Brad Lande, the head of Birchbox Man, starts his day by drinking a protein-packed smoothie with blueberries. While Beyonce also enjoys smoothies, she mixes it up by occasionally opting for scrambled egg whites or whole-grain cereal.

Pro tip: Choose breakfast foods that are easy to make and keep on hand. If you stick with just a few choices, you’ll avoid decision fatigue and find it easier to tackle more important decisions later.

5. Zero in on hydration

Get into the habit of drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning. Not only does water counteract dehydration, but it’s also more easily absorbed on an empty stomach and offers a crucial energy boost.

Make hydration a priority

‎Starting your day with coffee, on the other hand, can lead to dehydration. The brain is almost 75% water-based, so drops in the body’s fluid levels are associated with decreased focus and memory.

But not to worry — you don’t need to give up coffee entirely. Just balance it out with enough water. If you want to improve your working memory and cognitive function, you’ll need 500 mL, or about 17 ounces, of water to start your day. Then, keep hydrating throughout the day to support focus.

Pro tip: Fill up a water bottle and put it on your nightstand before you go to bed so you’re ready to start sipping first thing.

6. Pursue your passion

Designate time in the morning for a hobby, side hustle, or creative pursuit. Or learn something new by reading a book, listening to a podcast, or taking an online course.

Working on something you love releases dopamine in the brain. Surges of this neurotransmitter bring enjoyment and motivation, encouraging you to continue the activity.

Pro tip: Commit to making the activity you choose the first part of your routine (or second, right after exercise). You’ll find more energy and motivation to tackle the rest of your day after doing something that inspires you or flexes your creativity.

7. Clarify your intentions

A productive day starts with a laser focus.

Set your intentions for the day based on your most important goals. Use a vision board or choose a daily mantra to keep you concentrated on what you want to achieve.

Create a daily schedule and to-do list that includes your goals for the day.

Focus on work, but make sure you don’t ignore your personal tasks. Include your child’s dance recital or that medical appointment you need to schedule.

You can save precious time by investing in a platform that works for you.

Motion helps you take back your time by scheduling meetings, activities, and task items for you. It protects your focused, deep work time and alerts you if you overcommit.

Motion Intelligent Calendar feature

Pro tip: Get a jump start on the week by setting your weekly intentions even earlier than normal. Take time on Friday afternoon or Sunday evening to determine your goals and priorities.

8. Ease into the rest of your day

Now, it’s time to transition.

Select a ritual that inspires and motivates you to shift into your workday. It could be a motivational podcast that you listen to on your daily commute or an inspiring mantra reminding you of your most important goals.

Or maybe it’s brewing that perfect cup of coffee and allowing yourself to be fully mindful and in the moment.

Whatever you choose, that’s your cue: it’s time to go.

Pro tip: Make your ritual quick — no more than 5 or 10 minutes. It should be a meaningful activity that signals to your brain that it’s time to move on with your day.

How to succeed with your new millionaire morning routine

Follow these guidelines to establish a consistent and energizing routine you’ll be sure to stick with:

Start the night before

Prepare what you’ll need to complete your routine the night before.

Prepare your space the night before

‎Lay out your workout clothes so they’re ready to be put on right away. Fill your water bottle, make sure you have breakfast ready to go, and program the coffee maker.

Establish good sleep habits to ensure you stay energized throughout the day. Stick to a consistent bedtime and wake-up time, even on the weekends. Make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet, and comfortable when going to bed.

Limit technology use before you fall asleep, and consider whether you’d prefer a light-based alarm over an audible one to avoid jarring wake-ups.

Give yourself time

Developing positive, productive daily habits will take time — anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Knowing your goals and what you want to achieve will make this easier.

Ensure you have plenty of time in the morning to get through what you want. Revise and adapt your morning routine, even adding some buffer time if possible.

Above all, don’t give up. To develop the millionaire mindset, you must take consistent steps to act like a millionaire.

Reduce distractions

Distractions are a part of life. Fortunately, there are a few tactics that can help.

First, avoid social media first thing in the morning or implement strategies to deal with it positively.

Avoid social media in the morning

‎Second, don’t let time slip away from you as you scramble to find what you need for your day. Set your intentions in the morning or the night before to stay on track.

Finally, keep your primary goals top of mind. Adding too many goals to your list interrupts your flow, hampers your progress, and reduces your productivity.

Let Motion jumpstart your new millionaire morning routine

You now have the steps you need to get started creating a millionaire morning routine, plus some tips and strategies for success.

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Jodi Monroe
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Written by Jodi Monroe