Attain Deep Work and save 30.3 days a year

Get back 2 hours each day to spend it on anything from hitting the gym, to starting a side project, and learning new skills.

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"Motion does a really good job at keeping me focused. It probably squeezes an extra hour into my workday every day."
Michael Siebel  CEO of Y Combinator

We are backed by Y Combinator, SignalFire, and Sam Altman

And we’re on a mission to solve the problem of focus and deep work
"Each day, I didn't know exactly what I should do next. Now Motion picks that for me. I'm more productive, but also less stressed, because I never have to open a list and scan through 20 items and pick what I do. I just look at my calendar."
Juan Pablo Sarmiento - Director of Engineering at Zenysis Technologies