AI Project management for
Repair and Installation Firms

Got hundreds of projects and tasks all with different priorities, due dates, and assignees? Motion will automatically prioritize, and constantly re-prioritize, everything for you.

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We get it - it’s a struggle to prioritize and meet deadlines for hundreds of client projects and tasks at the same time

Automatically prioritize when each team member will do what

Never manually juggle between 17 different projects trying to figure out who should do what at when.

Know if assignments will be completed on time

Auto-assign tasks to teammate calendars, no guessing if it’s on their to-do list. Know exactly when things will be done without constantly checking-in and micro-managing teammates.

Chat, documents, and notes for every project and task.

Add notes, attachments, and comments to tasks and projects.

When things don’t go as planned?

Things will never go as planned - Motion will automatically re-prioritize things when emergencies come up or tasks take longer than expected.

See the full picture of parallel projects

With workflow automations and dependencies you only see the issues that really matter.

Scheduling client calls just became easy

Share availability for multiple team members with 1 click, taking into consideration the workload each person already has.

Top performers at top companies trust Motion.
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Tamara Hamai
President of Hamai Consulting
“Motion automates the productivity strategies I already use. It’s way more effective to work this way and it eliminates quite a bit of manual work.”
Juan Pablo Sarmiento
Director of Engineering at Zenysis Technologies
“Each day, I didn't know exactly what I should do next. Now Motion picks that for me. I'm more productive, but also less stressed. I never have to open a list and scan through 20 items and pick what I do. I just look at my calendar.”
Andra Vomir
Co-Founder & Business Strategist at Efficient App
“Motion is all in one place. Software fatigue is real. It’s really nice to have tasks and projects in one place.”
Christoph Krachten
Author and CEO of United Creators OLP GmbH
“In other tools, my to-do list gets longer and longer and longer. With Motion, it doesn’t. Each day, I finish everything that’s important. I'm more relaxed. And it saves me at least 2 hours each day.”
Julian Weisser
Co-Founder & Editor in Chief at On Deck
“I tried Motion for the first time and I thought, ‘holy sh*t.’ Motion is easily the most exciting tool I’ve used in a very, very long time."
Eric Chen
Partner at OVO Fund
Motion’s ability to condense my schedule is almost priceless. I have more dedicated focus time. And more time to go surfing during low tide in Santa Cruz.”

An algorithm designed to maximize team output and minimize pain.

We’ve optimized our A.I. algorithm after serving tens of thousands of customers.
Maximize team output

Our algorithm prioritizes important tasks over frivolous ones to get the most done quickly.

Minimize pain

We all know how painful it is to miss (or forget) a deadline - Motion will make sure things finish by deadline, without you worrying about it.

Increase your team’s efficiency by 40%

The time you used to spend on planning and updating - can now be spent doing meaningful work.

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Motion helps your team stay focused and finish meaningful work faster.

Project Manager

Track and organize your team’s projects and tasks.

Record everything your team needs to do in one easy-to-access spot.
Automated Daily Planner

Get a plan for each day — without planning.

Each morning, your team opens Motion to see an AI-built plan for the day.
Automated Task Prioritization

Finally finish the vital work you’ve been putting off.

Motion prioritizes more important work above less urgent tasks.
Automated Task Rescheduling

When your plans shift, Motion reschedules your day.

Urgent meeting or task pop up? Motion will reschedule your entire week or day.
Automated Deadline Reminders

Never forget or miss another deadline.

Motion warns your team of upcoming deadlines and when they’re unlikely to finish a task by deadline.
Meeting Booking Page

Easily book meetings in seconds.

Your entire team gets individual, customizable meeting booking pages that show their availability and allow others to easily schedule meetings with them.
Team Meetings

Schedule team meetings without back-and-forth discussions.

View your entire team’s availability and select the best time to meet.

“Is this just another tool my team will refuse to use?”

Nope. It’s designed to make everyone’s life easier.
Natural. Easy to use.

Most teams forget to check siloed project management tools. Motion is integrated into each teammate’s calendar.

Peace of mind.

No more waking up at night worrying about deadlines. Motion tracks deadlines for your team — so they never worry.

Customizable. And private.

Your team can use Motion how they want. They can auto-schedule tasks on their calendar or not. They can even use Motion to plan their personal lives — while keeping personal info private from their company.

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Motion combines project management, meeting scheduling, AI, and productivity optimization — all into one tool focused on making your workday better.

Project Management
Meeting Scheduling
Automated daily schedule builder
Automated task prioritization
Automated meeting scheduler
Automated productivity manager
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