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AI Time Management: Revolutionary Tools for Busy Teams

Learn what AI time management apps can offer your company. We’ll break down the best options in detail and give some great tips.

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Nov 22, 2023
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Managers often grapple with the fallout from poor time management — from both themselves and their teams.

Whether it’s taking on too much work, overlooking priority tasks, or trying to align schedules, ineffective time management can be painful.

Fortunately, with AI time management tools now available, mastering time has never been more doable.

In this article, we explain what these tools are and how they’re best used. We’ll also give you a detailed list of some of the best apps in this space.

Demystifying AI in time management

AI time management involves the use of artificial intelligence to help individuals maximize their time and efficiency.

It has the power to:

  • Assess patterns
  • Identify inefficiencies
  • Suggest actionable solutions

These tools aren’t a futuristic replacement for managers. They amplify those managers’ capabilities.

AI apps offer custom recommendations

‎AI time management transcends mere scheduling — predicting, adapting, and evolving as it receives real-time data. This shifts managers from reactive to proactive management.

For example, an AI time management tool might analyze a manager’s work habits. It could look at the time the manager spends on emails, meetings, and deep work. Then, it could suggest an improved daily schedule based on when the manager is typically most productive.

How it works

AI time management apps are based on powerful technology that can observe and analyze people at work. Then, using algorithms, they can bring this data together to predict needs or suggest improvements.

Put simply, AI time management does the following:

  • Observes
  • Calculates
  • Recommends

For example, if two team members often have meeting overlaps, AI could suggest future time slots that optimize these individuals’ schedules.

These tools use both AI and machine learning. AI provides the ability to automate complex tasks and make intelligent decisions, while machine learning enables the system to learn from data over time.

Machine learning improves its recommendations as it gains more insights into user behavior and preferences.

Smart calendar vs. AI calendar

AI-powered calendars are more powerful than smart calendars. Let’s compare the two.

Smart calendars operate by predefined rules and algorithms to organize your schedule. They can:

  • Send reminders
  • Sync up events across devices
  • Offer simple suggestions

AI calendars take things further and actively participate in your planning. These tools can analyze patterns and offer original recommendations.

For example, a smart calendar might remind a manager about an upcoming meeting. An AI calendar can go one step further by assessing the manager’s workload and rescheduling the meeting at a more suitable time.

Top AI time management apps every manager should know

AI time management apps can transform the way you work, and the picks below are among the very best options. We’ll break down each one in detail so you can find the right choice for your team.


Motion is a time management and productivity platform that uses AI to automate planning and task prioritization. It handles task and project management and offers an advanced calendar that streamlines workflows.

Motion is an all-in-one tool for both individuals and teams. Its powerful algorithms can relieve your team’s workload by optimizing schedules and boosting productivity.

Screenshot shows Motion interface

Best for:

Busy professionals, C-suite executives, freelancers, and teams who are overwhelmed with scheduling and task management. Motion is particularly good at maximizing productivity while reducing stress.

Key features:

  • Automated daily planning and prioritizing of tasks
  • Real-time schedule adaptation for unexpected changes
  • Consolidation of all tasks and meetings into a single, intelligent calendar
  • Meeting scheduler that incorporates personal preferences
  • Team project organization with visibility into everyone’s schedules and tasks

Price: 7-day free trial available. Plans start at $12/user/month.

Clara Labs

Clara Labs is an AI-driven personal assistant designed to handle scheduling and coordination of meetings with minimal input. Added directly to your email, it can schedule meetings for you and handle back-and-forth communications.

Best for:

Busy professionals and teams who handle a high volume of meetings or those who need an efficient system to manage scheduling without too much hands-on involvement.

Key features:

Clara can interact with your contacts directly via email to find suitable meeting times, integrate with your calendar, and automatically update appointments.

Price: 14-day free trial available. Plans start at $99/user/month.


RescueTime is an AI time-tracking tool that runs securely in the background on your computer and mobile devices. It’s a fully automated tool that tracks the time you spend on applications and websites. It’s great for promoting deep focus and improving time management.

Best for:

Individuals and managers interested in understanding their work habits and looking to increase their productivity by identifying time sinks.

Key features:

The app provides detailed reports and data visualizations of your activity. It sets goals for how you want to spend your time and offers distraction blocking to keep you focused.

Price: 14-day free trial available, as well as a basic free version. Premium plans with more advanced features start at $6.50/month. revolutionizes note-taking and meeting management by offering real-time transcription services powered by AI. It can generate action items and summarize key points automatically. And it can help drive sales by pulling insights from live calls and writing follow-up emails.

Best for:

Sales professionals and managers who want to streamline their note-taking process during meetings, interviews, and presentations. It enables better focus on the discussion and helps ensure all details are captured accurately.

Key features: features live transcription, integrates with video conferencing tools to record and transcribe meetings, and offers collaborative features for shared notes and highlights, along with the ability to search across conversations.

OtterPilot for Sales helps free up sales staff to spend more time closing deals.

Price: Free basic plan available, with limited transcription minutes per month. Premium plans start at $10/user/month.

Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is a visually appealing planning tool designed for effortless project management and team collaboration. Its user-friendly interface, which includes color-coded timelines and boards, makes it simple for managers and teams to stay on top of their workloads.

Best for:

Project managers and teams who favor visual task management. It’s particularly useful for those who need a quick overview of project timelines and individual tasks.

Key features:

Drag-and-drop planning easily adjusts plans with a simple interface. Team workload and availability help balance resources efficiently. A Kanban-style board makes it easy to track progress through stages. Also, shared calendars offer a comprehensive view of all schedules.

Price: 14-day free trial available. Plans start at $9/user/month.


Todoist is a widely recognized task management application that helps users organize, plan, and collaborate on both simple and complex projects. Its straightforward design promotes a clear focus on daily tasks and project objectives.

Best for:

Individuals and small- to medium-sized teams looking for an easy-to-use tool to manage tasks and increase their personal productivity.

Key features:

Todoist can categorize tasks with labels, priorities, and deadlines. Tasks can be set to repeat at custom intervals. Users can visualize productivity trends and track progress with personalized productivity charts. Todoist syncs with multiple devices and integrates with a wide array of apps and services.

Price: Free basic version available. Premium plans with more features and higher limits start at $4/user/month.


Now part of Microsoft Viva Insights, MyAnalytics provides insights into work patterns and offers AI-powered suggestions for time management. It helps users find more time to focus, improve their work-life balance, and build better work habits.

Best for:

Professionals and organizations already embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem who want to leverage data to enhance their personal and team productivity.

Key features:

MyAnalytics offers recommendations for dedicating focus time to work without distractions. It helps users find more ways to detach from work and reduce off-the-clock work. It also assesses the strength of your work relationships and suggests ways to improve collaboration.

Price: Included with subscriptions to certain Microsoft 365 plans. Standalone plans start at $6/user/month.

Powerful ways AI time management boosts productivity

Here are some of the ways AI time management tools can enhance your team’s workflow.

Benefits of AI time management

‎Predictive task sequencing

Beyond mere scheduling, AI can predict the ideal sequence of tasks based on historical data and cognitive principles. This is called predictive task sequencing.

This method of intelligent sequencing thoroughly analyzes past performance and individual work habits to arrange your tasks for you. It aims to sync with a person’s natural productivity rhythms throughout the day. Ultimately, it sets up a structured yet personalized workflow that enhances your overall efficiency.

Reduction of decision paralysis

Faced with multiple tasks and tight deadlines, managers can sometimes freeze, unsure of which task to tackle first. Decision paralysis is a common obstacle for managers today.

AI can break this paralysis by objectively prioritizing tasks based on their deadlines, importance, and the manager’s past performance on similar tasks.

These tools create an optimized to-do list that clears up any ambiguity and helps managers tackle the most important projects in their pipeline first.

Improvement of personal well-being and work-life balance

AI isn’t just about squeezing more work into a day. Some advanced tools, such as Motion’s Happiness Algorithm, also factor in personal well-being. This function safeguards managers from burnout.

AI tools can:

  • Schedule regular breaks
  • Encourage downtime
  • Balance periods of heavy productivity

This conscientious scheduling is pivotal in maintaining equilibrium — where personal health is embraced just as much as professional achievements.

Real-time team synergy optimization

AI can track the productivity rhythms of an entire team and optimize task assignments in real time.

This can enable collaboration and team productivity on a whole new level.

Just as these tools analyze data on individuals, they can bring these insights together into group recommendations for how best to collaborate and when.

How to personalize and best use AI time management

The following tips will help you maximize the benefits of an AI time management app:

Tailor your AI time management to your managerial style

AI tools adapt to managers’ specific strengths and weaknesses.

A manager who often puts off making decisions might get reminders to stay on track. Likewise, a manager who rushes their decision-making might get prompts to reconsider or confirm the suitability of their choices.

This personalization helps managers play to their strengths and reduces the impact of their weaknesses.

Reduce your cognitive load

Every decision, no matter how small, uses up mental energy. Over time, this can lead to decision fatigue.

AI offloads routine decisions and enables managers to conserve their cognitive resources. This can free them up for more complex and impactful decisions and enhance their overall productivity.

Text about cognitive load principle

‎For example, AI can take care of the following:

  • Scheduling recurring meetings
  • Assigning standard tasks
  • Filtering email priorities

Account for nuances

There are many specifics in a workplace, including cultural, team, and industry nuances.

AI isn’t a blunt instrument. It can adapt to the unique dynamics of a work situation.

For example, AI can account for different time zones, cultural holidays, and even preferred communication styles when it arranges meetings and deadlines. That helps all team members feel respected and included.

Balance AI suggestions with human intuition

AI offers data-driven insights, but human intuition remains invaluable. The ideal is a synergy between AI suggestions and human expertise.

A manager always has the final say. They might receive a recommendation based on data, but they could decide to override it based on their better judgment.

For example, AI might schedule a critical project meeting based on past successful meetings. However, in knowing that a key team member is going through a tough personal time, a manager might realize an extra day would be ideal.

Power AI time management with Motion

AI has the potential to redefine time management. As we’ve discussed, it empowers managers to perform at their peak while maintaining a balance.

While AI time management apps are powerful, they don’t replace managers — they support them.

We firmly believe that Motion is the best tool out there for driving team performance and productivity. You can unlock extra hours in your day, streamline complex projects, and harmonize team workflows from a single platform.

Think of what you could achieve with an extra month each year. Try Motion for free today and find out!

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