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The 10 Best AI Sales Pitch Generators

See the top 10 AI sales pitch generators in our curated list, including how they work and how to get the most out of them.

Jared Posey
Writer at Motion
Feb 12, 2024
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Ask anyone in sales: crafting pitches that resonate with a diverse audience isn’t easy.

The challenge is twofold: ensuring consistent quality and creating a personal touch.

That’s where AI sales pitch generators become so valuable. They’re a transformative solution that helps you both automate and personalize your pitches.

In this article, we break down 10 generators that meet our rigorous standards for key components and industry reputation. Once you determine which of these tools is right for you, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Do you really need an AI sales pitch generator?

It’s not just that AI sales pitch generators save precious time. They also bring a level of market insight and consistency that’s difficult to achieve manually.

These data-driven tools can elevate your sales approach and help you craft tailored strategies that boost your likelihood of success.

Imagine pitches that are persuasive but personal. Ones that speak to your reader on a deeper level — where they feel their true needs are understood.

Quote about generative AI

That’s the potential you can expect from a good AI sales pitch generator. And this tool will remain necessary in the years to come as business standards, with the help of artificial intelligence, continue to evolve at breakneck speed.

The best AI sales pitch generators: a complete breakdown

Let’s get right into it. Below are the 10 best AI sales pitch generator options available on the market. While they’re all effective, they each have different strengths and weaknesses. We’ll cover everything you need to know.

1. Writecream


Writecream is an AI tool that revolutionizes outbound marketing by automating personalized content creation.

‎It’s primarily used for crafting customized cold emails and sales pitches. It’s also helpful for creating engaging LinkedIn messages.

Writecream’s AI algorithms analyze user inputs to write content that resonates with specific audiences. This makes it invaluable for sales professionals looking to make a lasting impression.


  • Offers personalization at scale and generates tailored content
  • Content capabilities extend to blog posts, voiceovers, and product descriptions
  • Easy-to-navigate interface for all skill levels


  • Brand alignment may require adjustments to match specific branding nuances
  • Content focus is best used for text-based applications

Best for: Sales and marketing professionals hoping to automate personalized content for emails, LinkedIn, and pitches.

Price: Offers a free version. Premium plans reach $69/month.

2. Simplified


Simplified is an AI-powered content creation tool. It streamlines the process of producing various types of sales and marketing materials.

‎Simplified is ideal for creating compelling copy. It is equipped with features for enhancing sales pitches, social media posts, and advertisements.

This tool’s user-friendly interface and AI assistance make it a popular choice for sales teams looking to produce quality content quickly.


  • Generates a wide range of marketing and sales materials
  • Saves time by automating content production processes
  • The interface has an intuitive design, even for those with less technical know-how


  • Doesn’t integrate with Dropbox or similar tools
  • The free version only generates up to 2,000 words per month

Best for: Marketers and sales staff who need to generate a wide range of text-based marketing and sales materials.

Price: Offers a free version. Premium plans start at $18/month.


Overview: is a cloud-based presentation tool. It leverages AI to help users create professional, visually stunning presentations.

‎This tool is particularly useful for sales teams, as it allows them to convert complex data and ideas into engaging visual narratives. stands out for its ability to automate design processes. It’s easy for anyone — even those with minimal design skills — to craft high-quality presentations.


  • AI-driven design automatically optimizes slide layouts
  • Quickly transforms concepts into polished presentations
  • Extensive template library has a wide range of customizable templates for different types of presentations


  • AI automation may be a bit restrictive for unique, creative customizations
  • No way to embed video for offline presentations

Best for: Sales professionals and teams who require visually compelling presentations but are lacking in design knowledge.

Price: Pro plan starts at $12/month per user. Free trial and enterprise plans are available.


Overview: is a specialized AI-powered platform designed to enhance the effectiveness of sales presentations.

‎This tool focuses on crafting pitches that resonate with the target audience, offering deep insights into their preferences and behaviors. stands out for its ability to analyze and suggest improvements in real time. This helps ensure that presentations are not just nice to look at but also in line with audience expectations.


  • Delivers tailored content based on in-depth audience insights
  • Offers instant feedback for enhanced presentation quality
  • Incorporates polls and surveys to actively engage the audience


  • May require a time commitment to master its advanced features
  • The subscription model might not work for all budgets, especially those of small businesses or freelancers

Best for: Sales teams and presenters who want to tailor their pitches using in-depth audience insights and feedback.

Price: Offers a free demo. Pricing is customized based on user requirements.

5. Slidebean


Slidebean is a powerful AI-driven platform for creating pitch decks and presentations. It primarily caters to startups and entrepreneurs.

‎This tool simplifies the design process with a collection of high-quality templates and a user-friendly interface. Users can focus more on content than on design specifics.

Slidebean is particularly beneficial for those seeking to raise funds. It offers tools and resources that make users’ pitch decks stand out.


  • Includes a variety of design templates for different presentation needs
  • Streamlines the creation process, saving time and effort
  • The fundraising kit is a unique, valuable resource


  • AI-assisted design may limit unique stylization
  • Yearly subscription model may be a barrier for occasional users

Best for: Startups and entrepreneurs looking for an easy-to-use tool for fundraising.

Price: Free basic version available. All-access plan is $149/year.

6. Taskade


Taskade is a multifaceted tool. It excels in project management, task organization, and team collaboration.

‎This tool is not a traditional AI sales pitch generator. However, it’s on our list due to the way it enhances sales teams’ productivity. It helps them manage the entire lifecycle of their sales pitches and pitch decks.

Taskade organizes sales activities, streamlines project workflows, and fosters collaborative work environments. All these functions make it a versatile tool for sales pitches.


  • Manages tasks, deadlines, and team assignments efficiently
  • Has real-time syncing and communication features, making it useful for collaboration
  • Integrates with popular apps and other tools


  • More useful for organizing a sales pitch strategy than content creation
  • Requires complementary tools for end-to-end sales pitching

Best for: Sales teams and individuals seeking a versatile tool for managing tasks, organizing projects, and collaborating in real time.

Price: Free personal plan for basic use. Business plans start at $8 per user/month.

7. SlidesAI


SlidesAI is a unique AI tool designed to convert text directly into professional-looking presentations.

This tool stands out for its ability to increase efficiency and streamline the presentation-making process. Users simply put in their text, and SlidesAI formats it into well-designed slides.

SlidesAI is ideal for those who want to quickly turn their ideas into visually appealing presentations.


  • Requires little time to convert text to slides
  • No design experience is required to create professional presentations
  • Great for quickly turning written content into slide decks


  • AI dictates the layout and style, so there’s limited customization options
  • Creating a quality presentation depends on having quality text

Best for: Individuals who don’t need the most control possible but want to convert to presentations efficiently.

Price: Basic plan is free. Pro plan starts at $10/month.

8. Boords 


Boords is a unique tool that focuses on the storyboarding aspect of sales pitches. It’s crucial for structuring content and storytelling.

This tool has an easy-to-use interface that simplifies creating and organizing storyboards. This makes it valuable for planning and visualizing sales pitches.

Boords is particularly useful for sales teams that use visual storytelling or some sort of narrative flow in their pitches.


  • Simplifies the storyboard creation process
  • Allows users to collaborate on storytelling or move story elements around
  • Is accessible for all skill levels


  • More of a planning tool than one for final content creation
  • Limited personalization in terms of AI-generated content

Best for: Sales and marketing teams that prioritize storytelling in their pitches.

Price: Individual plans are $29/month. Team plans start at $49/month.


Overview: is an innovative AI tool that creates interactive and engaging presentations.

‎This tool captivates the audience with responsive slides and interactive elements, making it standout software for sales pitches that require dynamic content.’s platform allows users to integrate various media types, which enriches presentations and makes them more memorable.


  • Interactive presentation features make for eye-catching content
  • Responsive design elements that are adaptable and professional-looking
  • Integrating video and audio files allows for rich and diverse content


  • May have a learning curve due to its range of features
  • Relies on internet connectivity for the full range of functions
  • Interactive element might overshadow the core content

Best for: Sales staff looking to create unique and engaging presentations that excite potential clients.

Price: A free basic version is available. Pro plans start at $29 per user/month.

10. Tome


Tome is a cutting-edge AI sales pitch generator tool. It specializes in creating multimedia presentations and microsites.

‎This tool’s user-friendly interface connects with AI-driven features, enabling users to create presentations that are not only persuasive but also rich with multimedia content.

Tome is suitable for sales staff who want to create comprehensive presentations with a variety of media formats.


  • Very efficient in generating polished multimedia presentations
  • Responsive design allows for optimal viewing on different devices
  • AI technology offers suggestions to enhance content


  • A little complex for users unfamiliar with multimedia tools
  • Requires a stable internet connection for optimal performance and sharing

Best for: Users who need to create detailed and engaging sales pitches.

Price: Free basic version. Contact their staff for pricing on advanced plans.

How to get the most out of your AI sales pitch generator

Now that we’ve covered some of the best AI sales pitch generator tools available, let’s explore how to best use the one you choose.

Customize your pitches

While AI sales pitch generators are powerful, their true potential isn’t unlocked until you add your voice.

Make the pitch more authentic by using terms and phrases that are unique to your brand. You can also go deeper into the specific pain points of your target audience, making sure that your pitches address those issues.

At the end of the day, it’s your job to make sure your pitches evoke the right feelings in your audience.

Integrate with your sales strategy

It’s important to tailor your sales pitches to your existing sales strategy.

Team talks strategy using AI

‎AI can handle the initial data gathering and analysis. Afterward, your team can bring in the strategy and personalization.

Ask yourself:

  • What can we automate to free up more time for personal interactions?
  • How can AI insights identify new sales opportunities?
  • How can these tools help us better understand customer needs and preferences?

Power your sales team with Motion

Once you’ve decided on the right tool for your sales strategy, it’s time to start tinkering.

No matter which of the tools from the list above you choose, it’ll take a little time to dial it in and get the most out of the software. As you begin, remember the importance of efficient time management and task organization.

Sales pitch generators revolutionize content creation, and tools like Motion can complement that by streamlining your daily schedule and project management.

Imagine saving yourself two hours per day. That’s the power of our AI software.

Try Motion for free today!

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