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AI Consulting Tools for 12 Different Fields

Discover how specialized AI consulting tools can help different types of consultants optimize their output and efficiency.

Carla Groenewegen
Writer at Motion
Mar 13, 2024
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As a consultant, you're constantly juggling multiple projects, deadlines, and client expectations. Time is your most valuable asset, yet it often feels in short supply.

In this high-pressure environment, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are game-changers for workflow optimization. They automate time-consuming tasks and deliver insights for smarter decision-making. 

But with the hundreds of AI business tools on the market, which ones are the most helpful for your consultancy? 

The short answer: it depends on the specific field you are in.

In this article, we cover AI consulting tools for 12 different consulting specializations. There’s also a bonus list of general AI tools you have to see.

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What are AI consulting tools?

AI consulting tools are intelligent software solutions that harness the power of AI to make consultants’ jobs easier.

Consultants tend to work long hours — well past regular 9-to-5 jobs in many cases. In fact, a study by states, “77% of consultants in the top of the market work more than their contract hours. On average, the surveyed consultants work 9.3 hours per week more than they are paid for (consultants typically are not paid overtime).”

A person working late

So, what can AI-powered tools do for the consulting industry?

They begin with automating mundane, repetitive tasks, like scheduling meetings, managing calendars and projects, and sending and sorting emails. At the far end of the spectrum, some of these tools use data analysis and trend forecasting to provide deep, real-time insights for streamlining workflows and personalizing client interactions. 

In short, think of these new technologies as inexpensive digital assistants. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to make your consultancy more productive and innovative.

AI consulting tools for 12 types of consultancies 

With hundreds of consulting tools to choose from, it’s important to select those that are specifically designed for your work sphere. 

That’s where this guide comes in. 

To help you find your way through the consultancy tech jungle out there, we’ll describe a selection of AI consulting tools for 12 different consultancy fields, listed alphabetically. We’ll complete the picture with a group of general AI tools that any consultant can take a look at for greater personal and office efficiency.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, the tools we’ve selected will give you an idea of what’s out there to give your consultancy a boost.

1. Accounting and financial consultants (CPAs)

For accounting and financial consultants who assist businesses and individuals in managing their finances and tax planning, AI is great for optimizing financial processes and automating data entry. It provides analytical insights and makes it easier for consultants to offer their clients strategic advice and improve their financial health.


  • QuickBooks Online: AI-driven accounting software for expense tracking, invoicing, and financial reporting
  • Xero: AI features for reconciliation, expense management, and insights
  • Sage Intacct: AI and machine learning for advanced financial management
  • Zoho Books: Intelligent automation for accounting tasks
  • Expensify: Smart receipt scanning and expense management

2. Education consultants

In the educational field, AI software solutions are at the forefront of transforming how curricula are created and how lessons are delivered and assessed. Consultants can use these platforms to match educational content more precisely to each student’s unique learning pace and style.

AI also provides educational consultants with real-time analytics on student performance. This data-rich approach makes it possible for consultants to continually refine and adjust their teaching methods and educational strategies.


  • Carnegie Learning: AI for personalized learning and instruction
  • CENTURY: AI for personalized learning paths and analytics in education
  • Querium: AI for STEM tutoring and personalized learning assistance
  • Aleks: AI for adaptive learning and assessment in K-12 and higher education
  • LinkedIn Learning: AI-driven tools for online training and certification programs for adults

3. Environmental consultants

Environmental consultants can benefit from AI solutions that study the complex interplay between human activities and environmental sustainability.

A person surrounded by environmental images and charts

‎These tools can analyze environmental data and transform vast datasets from various sources into actionable insights. That makes it easier for consultants to accurately predict the impact of climate change and develop targeted strategies for mitigating environmental risks and conserving endangered ecosystems. 


  • IBM EIS: Geospatial Analytics: AI for environmental data analysis and geospatial information
  • Envirosuite: AI-driven environmental management and decision support
  • Aclima: AI for air quality sensing and environmental intelligence
  • Terrafuse AI: AI for climate risk analysis and forecasting
  • Plume Labs Air Report: Real-time air quality monitoring and forecasting that is particularly useful for urban planning and environmental health initiatives

4. Healthcare consultants 

Healthcare consultants are revolutionizing patient care with AI-powered tools that offer deep insights into patient health trends and behaviors. 

Think of areas such as patient monitoring, customized healthcare strategies, and nutrition plans that are tailored to individual health needs and lifestyle choices. 

These tools are great for healthcare consultants who work to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency in medical facilities.


  • Nutritionix: AI-driven database for nutrition tracking — a particularly great option for dieticians
  • Virta Health: AI-enhanced personalized nutrition and diabetes management
  • Ada Health: AI-powered health assessment and guidance tool
  • Epic Systems: AI features for electronic health records (EHRs) and clinical decision support
  • Prognos Health: Analyzes clinical diagnostics data for early disease detection

5. Hospitality consultants

To improve guest experiences and operational efficiency in the hospitality industry, hospitality consultants can use AI-driven tools that personalize guest services and implement dynamic pricing strategies. 

These tools can help improve customer service, guest satisfaction, and revenue management.


  • Mews: AI-driven property management system for hotels
  • Revinate: AI for hotel guest feedback analysis and marketing
  • Duetto: AI for revenue strategy and dynamic pricing in hospitality
  • HiJiffy: AI-powered communication platform that centralizes all guest communication through chatbots
  • Optii Solutions: AI for optimizing hotel housekeeping and operations

6. HR and recruitment consultants

AI consulting tools can optimize candidate searches for HR professionals who specialize in talent acquisition and organizational development. These advanced technologies help with assessing candidates’ soft skills via AI-powered interviews and tests, streamlining the recruitment process. 

With these tools, consultants can assist their clients with more strategic hiring decisions and processes. Integrating AI into recruitment practices can improve the quality of hires.

An HR consultant evaluating a job candidate


  • LinkedIn Recruiter: AI for talent search and recruitment insights
  • HireVue: AI-driven video interviewing and candidate assessment
  • Entelo: AI for candidate sourcing and engagement
  • Pymetrics: AI-powered games for assessing candidates’ soft skills and job fit
  • Textio: AI for job listing language optimization and candidate attraction

7. IT and cybersecurity consultants

IT and cybersecurity consultants can use AI to better protect their organizations from cyber threats. Specifically, artificial intelligence can help these organizations detect problems and respond to security breaches much faster than human intelligence can. 

These smart systems automate intricate security protocols and proactively predict potential vulnerabilities within a company’s IT infrastructure.


8. Legal consultants

AI consulting tools can make it easier for legal consultants to advise law firms on legal strategy, compliance, and risk management. These sophisticated apps dive deep into legal research and case analytics and can uncover valuable insights that might otherwise be overlooked. They also offer predictive insights and can streamline case preparation.


  • ROSS Intelligence: AI for legal research and case law analysis
  • Lex Machina: AI-driven legal analytics for case outcomes and litigation trends
  • Legal Robot: AI for contract analysis and legal language comprehension
  • Casetext: Comprehensive legal research and deposition preparation
  • DoNotPay: AI legal bot for small claims, parking tickets, and consumer rights

9. Logistics and supply chain consultants

These consultants, who optimize supply chain operations and logistics efficiency, benefit from tools that offer predictive analytics, freight optimization, and improved supply chain visibility.

AI apps designed for this field help consultants offer their clients more agile and cost-effective supply chain management solutions.

A logistics consultant at a port


  • Project44: AI for supply chain visibility and predictive logistics
  • Shipwell: AI for freight matching, tracking, and logistics optimization
  • Flexport: AI for shipping and logistics management
  • Transmetrics: AI for predictive analytics and optimization in logistics
  • Nuro: Focuses on transforming local commerce through self-driving delivery vehicles 

10. Marketing consultants

Marketing consultants benefit from AI tools that help them increase brand awareness and sales. Typical features include automated marketing campaigns and personalized customer interactions based on consumer behavior analytics. 

These tools help marketing consultants target the right audiences and easily measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.


  • HubSpot: AI in marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and analytics
  • Adobe Marketo Engage: AI for marketing automation and targeted campaigns
  • SEMRush: AI-driven SEO and content marketing tools
  • Hootsuite Insights: AI for social media monitoring and analytics
  • Canva Pro: AI-driven design assistance for creating marketing materials

11. Real estate consultants

Real estate consultants benefit from tools that offer market analysis and property valuation. AI can also help with trend predictions, optimizing listings for maximum visibility and appeal, and personalizing client recommendations.

These advanced technologies, with their new levels of precision and personalization, empower consultants to customize their recommendations to each client’s unique preferences and needs. 


  • Zillow Zestimate: AI for real estate valuation and market trend analysis
  • Redfin: AI-driven recommendations and pricing tools for buyers and sellers
  • Rex Real Estate: AI for targeted marketing and sales optimization
  • Opendoor: AI algorithms for instant buying offers and market analysis
  • HouseCanary: AI for real estate analytics and valuation models

12. Sales consultants

AI platforms designed for sales consultants include sales automation, sales analytics, forecasting, sales time management, and conversation intelligence features.

These tools can drive sales growth through data-driven business insights and personalized customer interactions.

A sales analytics dashboard


  • Salesforce Einstein: AI for CRM, sales forecasting, and customer insights
  • Clari: AI for sales analytics, forecasting, and pipeline management
  • Outreach: AI for sales engagement and automation
  • AI for real-time sales conversation analytics and insights
  • Drift: A conversational marketing platform that engages visitors in real time and connects prospects with the right salespeople

General AI tools for any consultant 

In addition to these specialized tools, consultants across all fields can benefit from AI tools for research, content creation, scheduling, and project management tasks. 

Apps like the ones below can streamline day-to-day tasks, giving consultants more time to focus on higher-value activities and client engagement. 

Research and knowledge management

These tools can dramatically improve a consultant’s ability to gather, organize, and analyze vast amounts of information quickly, provide actionable insights to clients, and lend support to evidence-based decision-making.

  • Evernote: AI-enhanced note-taking and organization
  • Feedly: AI-powered content aggregation and reading
  • Zotero: A free tool to collect, organize, cite, and share research

Writing and content creation

AI in this category helps consultants by generating content. It can edit text and improve grammar and style as well, saving valuable time on content creation.

  • ChatGPT: A natural language processing tool for research and writing
  • Grammarly: AI-based writing and editing assistant
  • Writesonic: Creates and optimizes content, from blog posts to emails

Scheduling and calendar management

These AI applications assist consulting firms in planning, executing, and tracking projects efficiently. They do this by automating task assignments and predicting potential delays. 

These tools also improve team collaboration so that projects stay on track and within budget.

  • Motion: Intelligent, AI-driven calendar app that adjusts schedules automatically in response to changing circumstances
    A graphic depicting Motion’s calendar app
  • Calendly: AI-enhanced appointment-scheduling tool
  • Uses AI to automatically manage your calendar

Project management

  • These AI applications assist consultants in planning, executing, and tracking projects efficiently by automating task assignments, predicting potential delays, and facilitating team collaboration.
  • Motion: Intelligent Project Manager and Task Manager software that prioritizes individual and team tasks
  • Trello: AI-driven task management with automation via Butler
  • Asana: AI features for project tracking and efficiency

Streamline your consultancy with Motion’s intelligent software

AI tools can dramatically transform your efficiency. By adopting these cutting-edge solutions, you set yourself apart as a forward-thinking consultant ready to tackle challenges.

As you explore all the AI consulting tools available, don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your time management and project planning.

Motion is designed to optimize your workflow so that you can maximize your productivity.

Carla Groenewegen
A certified content writer and SEO strategist, Carla Groenewegen writes about success principles and practices aimed at SMBs and not-for-profit organizations.
Written by Carla Groenewegen