Thousands of work teams now finish work faster and feel less stressedwhen they never thought it possible.

Motion is the AI-powered tool that can double — even triple — your team’s productivity.

50K+ users from companies around the world use Motion — to work smarter, faster, and less.
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Is your team thinking any of this?
You need Motion.

Kat (Marketing Coordinator)
“I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t know what to work on next.”
Marcus (Sales Rep)
“I’m constantly interrupted by emails and meetings. When will I do work?”
Sam (Team Manager)
“We’re way behind on this project. I don’t think we’ll finish it on time.”
Jen (Director of Operations)
“I spent hours setting up our project management tool. Nobody uses it.”
759 hours

Employees lose 759 hours each year to workplace distractions.

Source: Think Money


The average employee spends 51% of every workday on low to no value tasks.

Source: Forbes

$588 billion

U.S. office workers get interrupted as often as 11 times an hour, costing as much as $588 billion to businesses yearly.


Motion helps your team stay focused and aligned, and finish meaningful work faster.

Project Manager

Track and organize your team’s projects and tasks.

Record everything your team needs to do in one easy-to-access spot. Replaces tools like Monday, Asana, and ClickUp.
Motion Kanban
Team Schedules in Motion
Automated Daily Planner

Get a plan for each day — without planning.

Got hundreds of tasks assigned to different team members across dozens of client projects, all with different deadlines and priorities? Let Motion automatically figure out what each member should do each day, in the most optimal way.
Automated Task Prioritization

Finally finish the vital work you’ve been putting off.

Motion optimizes across dozens of parameters for each task - priorities, deadlines, dependencies, work hours, assignees...etc - and makes perfect tradeoffs that satisfy your unique needs.
Automated Task Rescheduling

When your plans shift, Motion reschedules your day.

Nothing ever goes according to plan. Urgent meeting or task pop up? Motion will automatically reshuffle your entire week or day, without you lifting a finger.
Automated Deadline Reminders

Never forget or miss another deadline.

Motion not only shows you deadlines. Motion tells you when you are unlikely to meet deadlines because you have too many things going on, and helps you re-prioritize your work.
Deadline indicator in Motion

"Is this just another tool my team will refuse to use?"

Nope. It’s designed to make everyone’s life easier.
Take a look at what others say in a Motion App review.
Natural. Easy to use.

Most teams forget to check siloed project management tools. Motion is integrated into each teammate’s calendar.

Peace of mind.

No more waking up at night worrying about deadlines. Motion tracks deadlines for your team — so they never worry.

Customizable. And private.

Your team can use Motion how they want. They can auto-schedule tasks on their calendar or not. They can even use Motion to plan their personal lives — while keeping personal info private from their company.

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Using Motion for weekly planning, automating organization, and team task collaboration

Meet Morgan Pelissier, Co-Founder of Sparkmate. 

One pain was very manual and tedious for Morgan — time blocking, a productivity strategy where you block time on your calendar to do tasks.

Motion quickly became a key part of Morgan’s workday. “It was pretty flexible,” says Morgan. “I didn’t need to change my workflow much to use Motion.”

Then, Morgan got his whole team on Motion.

With Motion, Morgan and Sparkmate ship work faster, work together better, and spend less time manually prioritizing work.

Sparkmate began completing work faster and working together better.

“We tend to ship things faster,” says Morgan. “I'm able to delegate more easily than before. So things do not rely a hundred percent on me.”

Read Sparkmate’s full story

Your team probably spends way too much time in meetings…

An image of a nicely scheduled calendar with a title "What your team wants to do"A schedule with a lot of meetings and not a lot of time for tasks with title "What they actually do"

Knowledge professionals spend 58% of their time coordinating work instead of actually doing work.

Source: MIT


Employees feel 71% of meetings are unproductive.

Source: Harvard Business Review

$37 billion

$37 billion is lost each year to unproductive meetings.

Source: Fuze

Don’t spend 22 years of your life on meetings. Use Motion.

Meeting Booking Page

Easily schedule external meetings in seconds.

Your entire team gets individual, customizable meeting booking pages that show their availability and allow others to easily schedule meetings with them.
Team Meetings

Schedule team meetings without back-and-forth discussions.

View your entire team’s availability and select the best time to meet.
Meeting Productivity Assistant

Have meetings at the best possible time.

Prefer to fill your Wednesday morning with back-to-back meetings? Just tell Motion your preferences.
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Motion combines project management, meeting scheduling, AI, and productivity optimization — all into one tool focused on making your workday better.

Project Management
Meeting Scheduling
Automated daily schedule builder
Automated task prioritization
Automated meeting scheduler
Automated productivity manager
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Increase your entire team’s productivity and focus by 25% or more.