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There are now
13 months in a year

Motion increases productivity by 137%

With automation and AI that intelligently plan your day, schedule meetings,

And build the perfect to-do list.

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What will you do with an extra month each year?
Launch your side hustle?
Take a vacation?
Hit the gym?
Sleep more?
Over 1 million top performers and teams trust Motion
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The old way
Manually plan your schedule
Illustration showing a bunch of tools including mobile todo app, paper notes, calendar app and project manager app

Endless to-do lists. Never check everything off.

Manual prioritization. Worry priorities are wrong.

Constant replanning. Interruptions wreck your plans.

Overambitious deadlines. Work weekends to meet them.

Forgotten tasks. Things slips through the cracks.

Too many meetings. It’s hard to get anything done.

Context switching. No time to focus.

Too many tools. Calendars, to-do lists, and spreadsheets.

Stress and overwhelm. Life feels out of control.

No personal life. What is a weekend, anyway?

The new way
Let Motion build your schedule
Illustration of Motion web app

Complete everything. Motion builds a schedule for you.

Stop prioritizing. Motion automatically prioritizes work.

No replanning. Motion reschedules undone work.

Finish early. Motion ensures you meet deadlines.

Forget nothing. Motion tracks all your priorities.

Meet less. Motion limits meetings.

Focus. Motion guards time for uninterrupted work.

One tool. Everything in 1 place.

Relax. Motion’s got your back.

Enjoy life. Motion protects your weekends.

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Over 1 million customers manage their busy schedules with Motion.

Portrait of Michael Seibel
“Motion is all in one place. Software fatigue is real. It’s really nice to have tasks and projects in one place.”
Andra Vomir
Co-Founder & Business Strategist at Efficient App
Portrait of James Neilson-Watt
“Motion helps me feel more relaxed and chill. I don't have to worry about stuff I'm forgetting. I stick tasks in Motion and forget about them. I'm not constantly thinking about all the sh*t I need to get done that I'm not actually getting done.”
James Neilson-Watt
Founder of
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Motion’s AI uses 3 proven productivity strategies. The result? A 13-month year.

There’s nothing more valuable than your time.
During an 8-hour workday, Motion saves:
2 hours a day.
14 hours a week.
728 hours a year.
30.3 days a year.
Here’s how Motion saves you 30.3 days a year:
Detailed planning

Without a plan, efficiency and productivity plunge. So why don’t more people plan? It takes a lot of work. And plans constantly change. Motion fixes this problem by algorithmically planning the perfect schedule — in seconds.

A Deep work block scheduled in a calendar.
Deep work

Deep work is focused, uninterrupted work. Studies show you can get tasks done 3x faster when you’re not interrupted. Motion protects chunks of time on your calendar. So you can work deeply.

A calendar with time blocked events and tasks.
Time blocking

Motion blocks time for tasks on your calendar. Just like a meeting. And it dramatically increases how much work you complete. Why? Because it gives you a minute by minute plan of what to do throughout the day. No more wondering, “What next?”

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The only algorithm of its kind. Focused entirely on your happiness.

Motion uses a one-of-a-kind, intelligent algorithm to build your schedule. Automatically.
We call it “The Happiness Algorithm.”

The algorithm’s goal?

To maximize your happiness and satisfaction. While increasing productivity.
Feel accomplished.

The algorithm prioritizes work that’s most important to you.

Get serious stuff done.

Complete the challenging, meaningful work you’ve been putting off with an algorithm that doesn’t let you avoid the tough stuff.

Relax and sleep better.

Feel confident Motion’s tracking everything for you. The algorithm ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

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Everything you do. Everywhere you go.
All in one place.

Combine all of your calendars — work and personal — into 1 schedule. And keep your personal info private.
2 calendars side by side. On the left calendar, there are a few private events such as a job interview. On the right calendar, it shows the private events without event title.
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5 minutes.
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5 minutes from now, you could replace all your productivity tools with Motion.
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An illustration of Motion web app. Above the illustration is a title that says "Try using just this."
We’ve done the work of getting started for you:
  • Motion automatically syncs all of your calendars, meetings, and events.
  • You see step-by-step instructions to get started the moment you open Motion.
  • Easily do anything in Motion with the click of a keyboard shortcut.
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The trusted productivity platform for C-suite executives, freelancers, and teams

Tamara Hamai
President of Hamai Consulting
“Motion automates the productivity strategies I already use. It’s way more effective to work this way and it eliminates quite a bit of manual work.”
Juan Pablo Sarmiento
Director of Engineering at Zenysis Technologies
“Each day, I didn't know exactly what I should do next. Now Motion picks that for me. I'm more productive, but also less stressed. I never have to open a list and scan through 20 items and pick what I do. I just look at my calendar.”
Michael Seibel
CEO of Y Combinator
“Motion does a really good job at keeping me focused. It probably squeezes an extra hour into my workday every day."
Christoph Krachten
Author and CEO of United Creators OLP GmbH
“In other tools, my to-do list gets longer and longer and longer. With Motion, it doesn’t. Each day, I finish everything that’s important. I'm more relaxed. And it saves me at least 2 hours each day.”
Julian Weisser
Co-Founder & Editor in Chief at On Deck
“I tried Motion for the first time and I thought, ‘holy sh*t.’ Motion is easily the most exciting tool I’ve used in a very, very long time."
Eric Chen
Partner at OVO Fund
Motion’s ability to condense my schedule is almost priceless. I have more dedicated focus time. And more time to go surfing during low tide in Santa Cruz.”