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Automatically plan your day based on your tasks and priorities
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Use Motion by yourself or with your team

an A.I. assistant built for both individuals and teams

Motion creates the perfect plan automatically
by matching your workload with capacity
For individual user

Turn overwhelming task lists into a personalized schedule each day, without manual planning.

Motion gives you everything you need to organize complicated projects, and then uses AI to turn hundreds of tasks into an optimized plan, so that you can just focus on executing instead of worrying about planning and deadlines.
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For team managers

Save your team members from wasting hours sifting through a sea of client projects and tasks

Instead of wasting hours manually going through hundreds of client projects and tasks, your team members only need to look at their calendar for the daily plan generated by Motion’s A.I. to know their top priorities and start working on what’s actually important - deliverables for your clients.

Motion takes all of your team’s projects and tasks - and their priorities, deadlines, duration, dependencies, and many other factors - and automatically generates a concrete daily plan for every team member. Motion’s A.I. eliminates manual planning, coordination, and operational inefficiencies for your entire team.
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100% clarity on what to work on next
so that you are always focusing on the most impactful work.
For individual users

Always know exactly what to work on next

Motion will always tell you what’s the best task to work on at any moment. Stop working on wrong tasks that don’t actually matter for your goals; Motion helps you maximize results by only focusing on tasks that will make a difference.
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For team managers

Your team members should always be working on the most impactful work for your clients.

Motion’s A.I. finds the most critical and urgent work for each team member - such as a task that may be the bottleneck in a large client project with multiple layers of dependencies - and ensures work is prioritized in a way that guarantees on-time client project delivery.
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Full control and visibility on everything
No more chaos
For individual users

Know exactly when to do your tasks, and what your agenda looks like for weeks ahead

By combining your task list with your calendar, Motion can tell you exactly when you’ll be able to get each task done. If you’d like to finish something sooner, no problem - simply tell Motion’s A.I. to prioritize it earlier. Wondering what your agenda will look like in 3 weeks? Just glance at your perfectly-optimized plan generated by Motion.
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For team managers

Track every team member's daily tasks and what they've accomplished each day

View in real-time what everyone is working on. Eliminate time wasted on communication and meetings. Instead of feeling awkward and “micro-managey” asking your direct report “what they are working on” or “when will something be done”, simply look at Motion’s Team Schedule - which lays out clearly what each person has done and is scheduled to do each day. Create a culture of transparency and alignment within your team.
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Accurately predict the future
Never worry about missing deadlines. Have a peace of mind.
For individual users

Due date ≠ Do date. Never miss a deadline. Stop over-committing

When you have many tasks due on the same date, you have to do some earlier than others. Motion’s A.I. auto-scheduling prioritizes your tasks in a way that ensures you’ll never miss a deadline. But what if you have more tasks than hours available? Motion can predict that and alert you, so you can proactively address it. When you need to take on additional tasks, Motion tells you when you’ll realistically get them done, so that you don’t over-promise or set impossible deadlines.
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For team managers

Never miss a client project deadline. Automate resource and capacity planning.

Motion can predict weeks or even months in advance when a client project may miss its deadline, especially when it has layers of complicated dependencies with several bottlenecks. Motion can do this because it understands everything else on your team members’ plate.

Motion’s AI can automate resource planning for your team by matching your workload and capacity. It can also accurately predict whether you may be over or under-staffed in the future, so you can take actions accordingly (e.g. hire more employees, or take on less client projects). When client asks you when will a project be done - you can answer with confidence using Motion’s predictive features.
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Keep your plan optimized and up-to-date at all times
Never worry about missing deadlines. Have a peace of mind.
For individual users

Automatically reshuffle your schedule when things change

We get it - plans change all the time: a task might take 3x longer than expected, or you might need to take an afternoon off for your kid, or an emergency meeting might pop up. Motion acts like a personal A.I. assistant for you and handles re-planning whenever anything comes up, so that your schedule is always optimized and up-to-date.
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For team managers

A client project taking longer than expected? Motion’s A.I. handles that for you.

Changes happen all the time: a client wants to add a new project, a task taking longer than expected, a team member is sick, etc. Instead of manually replanning everything all over again after each of these changes, Motion instantly reshuffles the entire team’s plan on any change, and voila - everything is perfect again.
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Automate repetitive workflows
Whether it’s daily work routines or standard operating procedure, Motion can automate it
For individual users

Automate work routines

Need to do repetitive work on a recurring basis, like creating weekly reports, checking-in with customers monthly, answering support tickets daily, or submitting expense sheets bi-weekly? Motion will block out these times for you so that you don’t need to worry about forgetting them.
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For team managers

Automate SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) with Motion’s Project Workflow Automation Templates

Many of your client projects are likely repetitive, such as onboarding a  new client, creating a new marketing campaign, or setting up basic IT services. For these kind of similar client projects, Motion allows you to set up powerful project workflow automation templates. When a new client project gets created, instead of manually planning and assigning all the tasks to your team members, you can simply use a preset template and everything gets planned and assigned automatically.

Motion can then predict exactly when the project is expected to be finished and track it against other client projects. And as the project progresses, Motion automatically moves it through stages and schedules the corresponding tasks on each team member’s agenda.
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Super easy to adopt
No change of habit required
For individual users

Just look at your calendar

There’s no need to learn a whole new project management system - simply enter tasks, and Motion’s A.I. schedules them on your calendar. Just check your calendar, which you already do anyways.
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For team managers

Your team members just need to look at their calendar

Changing a team member’s habit and enforcing a new project management system is very difficult - we’ve been in the same boat. That’s why Motion requires no change of habit from your team members - simply tell them to check their calendar for which tasks to do. This also makes onboarding new team members extremely easy, since checking calendar is already part of everyone’s habit.

And when you assign tasks to team members, instead of emailing, messaging, or meeting to follow-up, you know the task will get done, because it’s already on their calendar.
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Other softwares bring chaos. Motion streamlines and brings peace.
Motion ensures you’ll never get lost in a sea of projects and tasks
For individual users

Don’t let your tasks grow into an infinite, chaotic list

When using other task managers, unless you spend a lot of time manually organizing your tasks, it’ll spiral into an endless list that gets out of control, where you have no idea what’s going on anymore. In contrast, Motion is constantly doing this organization for you in the background using our AI technology, and allows you to ignore the noise and all the non-critical tasks you’ll never actually have time to do. Other softwares encourage you to keep piling on to your todo list without proper organization - leading to chaos.
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For team managers

Don’t let yourself and your team members drown in a sea of ill-organized client projects and tasks.

When using other project management software like Monday or Asana, things can get out of control quickly - leading to you (as the manager) having to spend hours a week to manually triage and prioritize thousands of tasks inside client projects. Motion does not allow this kind of chaos to happen, and uses AI to organize and prioritize work for you automatically.
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The Happiness Algorithm

That powers Motion's automated planning engine.
Motion uses a proprietary, one-of-a-kind algorithm to build your schedule, automatically.

Our team calls it The Happiness Algorithm.

There’s no other tool on the market with an algorithm like this.The algorithm’s goal? To maximize your happiness and satisfaction. While increasing productivity.
Feel accomplished

The algorithm automatically prioritizes work that's most important to you.

Get serious stuff done.

Complete the challenging, meaningful work you've been putting off with an algorithm that doesn't let you avoid the tough but important stuff.

Relax and sleep better.

Feel confident Motion’s tracking everything for you. The algorithm ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Calendar syncing

Combine your calendars

Turn all of your work and personal calendars into one master calendar.
Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Apple Calendar (iCloud)
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What working professionals say about Motion

Find time for a workaholic
I work ~375 hours a month. Keeping up with work, volunteer, and personal life tasks has become a challenge, and I have been consistently dropping the ball. I have found that with Motion I am dropping that ball less and staying much more focused on what needs to be done, rather than trying to figure out what needs to be done.

Vanessa G (Verified User on G2)

The Happiness Algorithm
I don’t usually write reviews. But Motion is revolutionary. The happiness algorithm they promote states it will help you: feel accomplished, get serious stuff done, and relax and sleep better. Check, check, and check. After week and half of use, I think my productivity is up 10x.


Changed my life.
Motion helps me be reasonable with my time. Before Motion, I was just go-go-go. Now, I realize how much I am putting on my plate and how unreasonable I'm being. Motion helps me prioritize my tasks and keep me on track. I use it everyday.

Charlotte R (Verified User on G20)

This app is a game changer
I run a commercial commercial construction company and this app has been a game changer. As far as organization time management and project timelines it is phenomenal. This is probably the only application I use on a daily basis to help organize jobs tasks within jobs and my weekly schedule.


Motion has been my best friend in overcoming executive dysfunction.
I struggle greatly with procrastination and Motion has been instrumental in my academic and professional successes. Motion has taken the stress away from planning my daily workflow and it has helped me avoid many instances of execution paralysis. This has helped me enjoy my free time more, knowing that I will be able to get everything done on time.

Kate B (Verified User on G2)

Motion: The app that helps me manage my ADHD
As someone­ with ADHD who struggles to stay focused and organized, I found gre­at joy in discovering the Motion app. This invaluable tool has be­come a lifeline, allowing me to effectively manage­ projects, priorities, and schedule­s — while accommodating my ADHD brain.

Francis M (Verified User on G2)

The current tool I'm in love with is @useMotion
I used to work 60 hours per week and beat myself to the point of depression but now I work ~40 with same productivity

Not only is it my literal personal assistant scheduling tasks for me, but it rearranges them when life happens


After a few days with @useMotion, I can see this becoming my go-to app
I dumped all of my tasks into the app with some hard and soft deadlines and it managed to schedule my days beautifully. If things come up and I can't complete the task, it gets re-shuffled!


Use it everyday
Originally, I trialed Motion and a competing app. I decided to go with the competitor. But after several months, I had an epiphany of why Motion was better. It handled rescheduling in a much more automated and intuitive way! I switched back and I use it to plan everything.


What professional-services businesses say about Motion

Project management our team actually uses!
“We had Asana for project management, but our team didn’t use it regularly. Now, we have Motion and love it. It does everything Asana does and includes tools that make us more efficient. Plus, everyone actually uses it, because it integrates with our calendars.”

Andra Vomir

Head of Content at Efficient App

We use the mobile app every day!
“Most of my team members are on the go, and they’re not super technical. So we needed a project management tool with a good mobile app that was easy to use too. We’ve been using Motion for a few months now, and it’s great.”

Simba Chang

Manager at ANANA Properties

Switching to Motion was completely worth it.
“We were using 15 different tools for tasks, and it was total chaos. When we first considered using Motion, I was worried about the time it would take to switch. But it was completely worth it. Motion saves our company hours each week, and helps us focus on the right tasks and projects.”

Cal Hamilton

Vice President at ForSitePro

We’re finally finishing important projects!
“We would never see projects come to fruition. We had tons of ideas of things we wanted to do, but we never got to it all, because we were fighting work fires too often. That's when we found Motion. It helps our entire team stay organized and finally finish projects we used to put off.”

Julian Weisser

CEO at OnDeck

Add your ideas, tasks, and projects to Motion in seconds — wherever and however you work.
Stay in the moment –  without losing a moment.
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Tell Siri to create tasks.
Tell Siri to create tasks.
Motion’s AI automatically fills in the details
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This is how Motion’s AI optimizes my schedule…
Motion plans my day. No more decision paralysis!
It’s like a full-time assistant.
Motion’s AI helps with my time blindness.