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Motion’s algorithm intelligently plans your day, schedules meetings, and builds the perfect to-do list.

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Project / Task Management
Meeting Scheduling
Automated daily schedule builder
Automated task prioritization
Automated meeting scheduler
Automated productivity manager
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Motion helps you and your team stay focused and…

Project Manager

Track and organize your team’s projects and tasks.

Record everything your team needs to do in one easy-to-access spot. Replaces tools like Monday, Asana, and ClickUp.
Motion Kanban
Team Schedules in Motion
Automated Daily Planner

Get a plan for each day — without planning.

Got hundreds of tasks assigned to different team members across dozens of client projects, all with different deadlines and priorities? Let Motion automatically figure out what each member should do each day, in the most optimal way.
Automated Task Prioritization

Finally finish the vital work you’ve been putting off.

Motion optimizes across dozens of parameters for each task - priorities, deadlines, dependencies, work hours, assignees...etc - and makes perfect tradeoffs that satisfy your unique needs.
Automated Task Rescheduling

When your plans shift, Motion reschedules your day.

Nothing ever goes according to plan. Urgent meeting or task pop up? Motion will automatically reshuffle your entire week or day, without you lifting a finger.
Automated Deadline Reminders

Never forget or miss another deadline.

Motion not only shows you deadlines. Motion tells you when you are unlikely to meet deadlines because you have too many things going on, and helps you re-prioritize your work.
Deadline indicator in Motion