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A productivity breakthrough.

Motion’s Intelligent Calendar takes your meetings. Your tasks. Your to-do list. Your activities. And creates one perfect, optimized schedule to get it all done.

Become insanely productive — without spending hours each week religiously and manually planning your schedule.

Let Motion's software do it for you.

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Motion calendar with tasks and events

50,000+ Customers Use Motion

Each day, I didn't know exactly what I should do next. Now Motion picks that for me. I never have to open a list and scan through 20 items and pick what I do. I just look at my calendar.

Juan Pablo Sarmiento
Director of Engineering, Zenysis Technologies

A revolutionary new way to manage your day.

Know exactly what to do next. Motion adds tasks to your schedule around meetings, giving you a minute-by-minute plan for your day.

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Motion on a laptop with tasks and events automatically added to the calendar.

Never miss a deadline.

Motion prioritizes and adds tasks to your calendar on the right day and time to finish them ahead of your deadlines.

Stop working extra hours.

Set your working hours. Motion will calculate your weekly tasks, meetings, and total working hours. It then builds a custom schedule to get it done — without working late into the night.

Get alerts when you over commit.

Motion will warn you if it’s impossible to complete all of your tasks by deadline.

No wonder you never miss a beat. Or a meeting.

Never miss a meeting

In 1 click, join your upcoming meeting. Never hunt around for a conferencing link again.
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Calendar popup on a browser tab

Combine all calendars into 1 view.

Combine your Gmail, Outlook and iCloud calendars into one view. And see your personal calendars and work calendars at the same time.
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Multiple calendars shown on one calendar with accounts from Google and Outlook.

Guard your time for deep work

Automatically time block your tasks on your calendar
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We trained the Motion AI Calendar to be a productivity pro.

To develop Motion’s Intelligent AI Calendar, we carefully studied how the most productive people in the world get more done each day.

Hyper productive people religiously plan their day minute by minute. They write to-do lists. They prioritize each task and to do. They block time on their calendars to complete every task.

They also protect their time. They limit meetings and only schedule them on certain days and at certain times. They prioritize back to back meetings. They guard large chunks of time on their calendar for deep, focused work.

All of this planning takes a lot of time and effort. Or, an expensive personal assistant to manage it for you.

So we trained Motion to be your productivity pro and personal assistant. It helps you follow and live by all of the proven productivity advice.

And it handles all of the laborious, tedious task planning and meeting scheduling. It prioritizes tasks for you. And it creates flexible time blocks on your calendar. It protects chunks of time for deep work. It limits meetings, and it ensures you have meetings at the optimal time.

Motion is so powerful, it took us over 12 months of non-stop coding to create it.
It’s like having an ever-available personal assistant — for just 62 cents a day.