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🎉 Release Notes for Nov 14, 2023

Motion just got better

Luis Carrasco
Head of Product at Motion
Nov 14, 2023
Table of contents


  • 🔧 The API now no longer returns deleted users when querying teams or workspaces


  • 🟢 Add the ability to easily reset changes made to a view, which is very useful if you’re trying out new views but decide you don’t want to save the changes
  • 🟢 The scheduled after deadline modal now has suggestions for the date picker, so users can easily schedule it for tomorrow, a week later, etc
  • 🟢 When navigating between different workspaces and my tasks, we now remember the last saved view you were looking at
  • 🟢 The default views for list view are now grouped by project, and grouped by status for kanban automatically
  • 🔧 Recurring tasks can no longer be moved into projects
  • 🔧 Always put unassigned, then yourself, and then members in alphabetical order when displaying workspace and team members anywhere in the app
  • 🔧 Use the new deadline toggle component everywhere in the app for must be completed by deadline
  • 🔧 Microsoft Oauth was broken for a small percent of users; this has been fixed
  • 🔧 If a team has a user who left one workspace, they show up as having left for all workspaces; this has now been fixed
  • 🔧 Project templates now properly support blockers!
  • 🔧 The rich text editor no longer auto links. This means if you paste a URL and then keep typing, the text you type afterwards no longer becomes automatically joined to the URL formatting. Same thing with monospaced text like this.
  • 🔧 Added a loading state to the task modal if the data is not cached
  • 🔧 Manual, one-time booking links should be single use
  • 🔧 Fixed a bug where clicking on an empty time slot was not creating a new calendar event
  • 🔧 When moving a task to a different project, the activity feed now makes the new project name clickable so you can instantly navigate there
  • 🔧 Fix a bug where creating a new task in a project doesn’t show the task immediately without refreshing


  • 🟢 When you tap the calendar icon twice, you immediately jump to today’s date
  • 🟢 We now enforce a ‘minimum’ mobile version, and very old versions of mobile users will be prompted to update their app
  • 🟢 The task modal now allows you to change statuses of tasks
  • 🟢 We now have a toggle where you can show and hide various fields in the task form
  • 🟢 The new task form now has the ability to set schedules for a task
  • 🔧 Let mobile users know that Motion is best used on desktop and the mobile app is meant to be a companion, not a standalone
  • 🔧 On Android, the time picker can now select time in addition to the date
  • 🔧 Update no subscription page text to let users know how to contact support if they’re having issues
  • 🔧 The booking modal has been greatly simplified on mobile
  • 🔧 The build string is now shorter and fits on the screen, so when users are reporting problems they can tell us which version they’re on
  • 🔧 If you’re at 3pm on Monday and you swipe right to Tuesday, you’re no longer reset to the beginning of the day; we now remember you were at 3pm.
  • 🔧 The parent recurring task no longer allows comments; instead, comments must be made on the instances of the specific recurring task.


  • 🟢 We now track which modals a user has seen across all devices, so we won’t show duplicate modals
  • 🔧 Give a much better error message when connecting to a calendar fails
  • 🔧 Tasks should never have a minimum duration larger than the actual duration
  • 🔧 Preserve proper blocker relationships on templated project creates
  • 🔧 Fix a bug when recurring tasks would roll over past the next instance
  • 🔧 We iterated on the new create task with AI prompt for better performance and accuracy
Luis Carrasco
Written by Luis Carrasco