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Flexible Hours in Motion

Tailoring Your Schedule to Fit Your Life

Luis Carrasco
Head of Product at Motion
Jan 16, 2024
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We're excited to announce a significant update to Motion – the "Flexible Hours" feature, designed to bring adaptability to your work schedule. We understand that professional and personal lives are dynamic, and a rigid calendar doesn’t always accommodate the ever-changing demands of our days. That's why we're introducing a solution that respects your time and adapts to your needs.

🏖️ What's New with Flexible Hours?

Adaptability for Varied Schedules:

Whether it's adjusting for personal time off, travel, or just an unusual week, Flexible Hours allows you to easily modify your work hours for any day. This feature is perfect for those with fluctuating work schedules, ensuring that your calendar reflects your actual availability.

Responsive Task Management:

Life can be unpredictable. Whether you're feeling under the weather or need to shift your focus, Flexible Hours enables you to change your working hours on the fly.

Tailored Task Scheduling:

Each task has its own demands. With Flexible Hours, you can specify when you want to start your tasks, allowing for more flexibility in completing those urgent or important projects.

Intuitive Design and Ease of Use:

We've integrated this feature seamlessly into the existing Motion interface. A simple clock icon next to each date lets you modify your working hours with just a few clicks. This user-friendly approach ensures that managing your time is straightforward and stress-free. Snoozed tasks will also have a moon icon on the calendar so they can be easily identified.

Your Work, Your Rules:

The essence of Flexible Hours is to give you control. Block out hours or entire days, start tasks later, or stop them early – it's all in your hands. Our goal is to make Motion work for you, not the other way around.

⏰ Updates to hard deadline tasks

We’ve now introduced a hard deadline toggle for all tasks. When the toggle is on Motion will potentially schedule tasks outside of work hours to make sure the deadline can be met.

📱Mobile Revamp

  • New mobile UI with new app and calendar styles
  • Mobile app now supports push notifications
  • Mobile now renders reminder tasks
  • Mobile can now search and view team mate calendars
  • Mobile app should now load a lot faster
  • The calendar view on mobile now shows dashed lines where time is blocked and tasks cannot be auto scheduled

✉️ Email forwarding Updates

  • You can now forward emails form any of your connected accounts
  • You can forward to and
  • Motion will automatically create a title, description, duration and due date for your tasks

💪 Other features and improvements

  • Tasks will now be auto-scheduled up to 1 month in the future
  • Events now respect the color from the desktop app on Mobile
  • iCloud now supports free and busy events
  • Desktop app now has hover states for calendar view
  • Tasks in the desktop agenda view now have a right click menu with relevant actions
  • Old stale tasks (when coming back from vacation for example) can now easily be re-auto-scheduled
  • Fixed a bug where images would sometimes not paste within tasks and projects
  • Sidebar widths are now saved on desktop
  • Completed tasks can now be moved around on the calendar for better time tracking
  • You can now copy a view link from the copy view button(next to the view button) and share it with co-workers
  • When choosing Unassigned for Assignee, the task automatically flips auto-schedule off
  • Fixed a bug where chunked tasks can sometimes be scheduled in the past

Looking Ahead

Your feedback is crucial as we continue to refine and enhance Motion. We invite you to explore the Flexible Hours feature and share your experiences with us. Your insights help us make Motion the best tool for managing your professional life.

Here’s to making every hour count!

Luis Carrasco
Written by Luis Carrasco