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Motion is the AI executive assistant that saves me 2 hours per day. And I’ve managed to get you an exclusive 7-day free trial.

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Intelligent Calendar

Like a calendar. Unlike any calendar you’ve ever seen.

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Automatic Task Manager

The to-do list is dead.

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Meeting Scheduler

Run your meetings. Don't let them run you.

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Motion’s AI uses 3 proven productivity strategies. The result? A 13-month year.

There’s nothing more valuable than your time.
During an 8-hour workday, Motion saves:
2 hours a day.
14 hours a week.
728 hours a year.
30.3 days a year.
Here’s how Motion saves you 30.3 days a year:
Detailed planning

Without a plan, efficiency and productivity plunge. So why don’t more people plan? It takes a lot of work. And plans constantly change. Motion fixes this problem by algorithmically planning the perfect schedule — in seconds.

A Deep work block scheduled in a calendar.
Deep work

Deep work is focused, uninterrupted work. Studies show you can get tasks done 3x faster when you’re not interrupted. Motion protects chunks of time on your calendar. So you can work deeply.

A calendar with time blocked events and tasks.
Time blocking

Motion blocks time for tasks on your calendar. Just like a meeting. And it dramatically increases how much work you complete. Why? Because it gives you a minute by minute plan of what to do throughout the day. No more wondering, “What next?”

7-day free trial. Cancel in 1 click.

5 minutes. That’s all it takes.

5 minutes from now, you could replace all your productivity tools with Motion.
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We’ve done the work of getting started for you:
  • Motion automatically syncs all of your calendars, meetings, and events.
  • You see step-by-step instructions to get started the moment you open Motion.
  • Easily do anything in Motion with the click of a keyboard shortcut.

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Task management

Project management

Automated scheduling and planning with A.I.

Calendar syncing

Calendar management

Meeting booking pages

Meeting booking templates

1-click email assistant

Desktop and Mobile app

Dedicated customer support


per user / month, billed annually
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Everything in Individual, plus:

Collaborate on projects and tasks with your entire team

Automated planning and prioritization of tasks for each team member

Central billing

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