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Motion for Individual Users
Too much to do? Too little time?
Meet your AI assistant
Task scheduling

Get a dynamic, custom schedule each day.

Motion creates your task list, adds tasks to your calendar, and updates work when your schedule changes.
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Task prioritization

Know exactly what to work on next

Motion prioritizes your work based on importance, deadlines, and sequential order.
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Project management

Turn overwhelming task lists into organized projects

Motion’s AI plans entire projects and gives you everything you need to organize them.
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Deadline tracking

Never miss a deadline

Add tasks and deadlines to Motion. It will track them for you.
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Calendar syncing

Combine your calendars

Turn all of your work and personal calendars into one master calendar.
Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Apple Calendar (iCloud)
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Workload reporting

Set realistic deadlines. And stop overcommitting.

Motion tells you if you’re taking on too much work or setting impossible deadlines.
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Automated meeting scheduling

Schedule meetings in seconds — automatically

Motion creates meeting booking pages, shows your availability, and schedules meetings at ideal times.
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What people say about Motion

Find time for a workaholic
I work ~375 hours a month. Keeping up with work, volunteer, and personal life tasks has become a challenge, and I have been consistently dropping the ball. I have found that with Motion I am dropping that ball less and staying much more focused on what needs to be done, rather than trying to figure out what needs to be done.

Vanessa G (Verified User on G2)

The Happiness Algorithm
I don’t usually write reviews. But Motion is revolutionary. The happiness algorithm they promote states it will help you: feel accomplished, get serious stuff done, and relax and sleep better. Check, check, and check. After week and half of use, I think my productivity is up 10x.


Changed my life.
Motion helps me be reasonable with my time. Before Motion, I was just go-go-go. Now, I realize how much I am putting on my plate and how unreasonable I'm being. Motion helps me prioritize my tasks and keep me on track. I use it everyday.

Charlotte R (Verified User on G20)

This app is a game changer
I run a commercial commercial construction company and this app has been a game changer. As far as organization time management and project timelines it is phenomenal. This is probably the only application I use on a daily basis to help organize jobs tasks within jobs and my weekly schedule.


Motion has been my best friend in overcoming executive dysfunction.
I struggle greatly with procrastination and Motion has been instrumental in my academic and professional successes. Motion has taken the stress away from planning my daily workflow and it has helped me avoid many instances of execution paralysis. This has helped me enjoy my free time more, knowing that I will be able to get everything done on time.

Kate B (Verified User on G2)

Motion: The app that helps me manage my ADHD
As someone­ with ADHD who struggles to stay focused and organized, I found gre­at joy in discovering the Motion app. This invaluable tool has be­come a lifeline, allowing me to effectively manage­ projects, priorities, and schedule­s — while accommodating my ADHD brain.

Francis M (Verified User on G2)

The current tool I'm in love with is @useMotion
I used to work 60 hours per week and beat myself to the point of depression but now I work ~40 with same productivity

Not only is it my literal personal assistant scheduling tasks for me, but it rearranges them when life happens


After a few days with @useMotion, I can see this becoming my go-to app
I dumped all of my tasks into the app with some hard and soft deadlines and it managed to schedule my days beautifully. If things come up and I can't complete the task, it gets re-shuffled!


Use it everyday
Originally, I trialed Motion and a competing app. I decided to go with the competitor. But after several months, I had an epiphany of why Motion was better. It handled rescheduling in a much more automated and intuitive way! I switched back and I use it to plan everything.


Motion for Teams
Managing a team with aggressive deadlines and big goals?
Let AI plan your team’s
projects, tasks, and schedules.
Project management

Manage and organize projects

Use Motion to plan, organize and complete entire projects.
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Task scheduling

Boost team productivity. Decrease planning time.

Motion’s AI creates a custom, dynamic to-do list for each person on your team and adds tasks to their calendars.
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Task prioritization

Complete your highest-priority work.

Motion prioritizes your team’s work based on importance, deadlines, and the order in which it needs to be completed.
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Team schedules

Know what everyone’s working on.

Motion reveals your entire team’s real-time task list and priorities for each day and week.
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Workload reporting

See when your team is under or overcommitted.

In a glance, Motion shows you how many hours of work each person has on their schedule.
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Team spaces

Increase team collaboration and visibility

Add tasks and deadlines to Motion. It will track them for you.
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World-class teams use Motion

Project management our team actually uses!
“We had Asana for project management, but our team didn’t use it regularly. Now, we have Motion and love it. It does everything Asana does and includes tools that make us more efficient. Plus, everyone actually uses it, because it integrates with our calendars.”

Andra Vomir

Head of Content at Efficient App

We use the mobile app every day!
“Most of my team members are on the go, and they’re not super technical. So we needed a project management tool with a good mobile app that was easy to use too. We’ve been using Motion for a few months now, and it’s great.”

Simba Chang

Manager at ANANA Properties

Switching to Motion was completely worth it.
“We were using 15 different tools for tasks, and it was total chaos. When we first considered using Motion, I was worried about the time it would take to switch. But it was completely worth it. Motion saves our company hours each week, and helps us focus on the right tasks and projects.”

Cal Hamilton

Vice President at ForSitePro

We’re finally finishing important projects!
“We would never see projects come to fruition. We had tons of ideas of things we wanted to do, but we never got to it all, because we were fighting work fires too often. That's when we found Motion. It helps our entire team stay organized and finally finish projects we used to put off.”

Julian Weisser

CEO at OnDeck

Motion includes all of the tools you use to be productive and organized — in one place

And it modernizes and supercharges those tools with the power of automation and AI
motion replaces...
Project management apps
To-do lists
Automated meeting schedulers
Chili Piper

Pass data between your favorite tools. Connect all of your calendars.

Motion connects to these calendars...
Motion integrates with...
Google Meet
Add your ideas, tasks, and projects to Motion in seconds — wherever and however you work.
Stay in the moment –  without losing a moment.
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Tell Siri to create tasks.
Tell Siri to create tasks.
Motion’s AI automatically fills in the details
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Motion plans my day. No more decision paralysis!
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